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Attorney Referrals

We recognize that our combination of tax law, tax accounting, IRS Office of Chief Counsel experience, U.S. Tax Court trial experience, U.S Tax Court appeals, and tax whistlebower cases is a specialty and that it is probably cost-effective for you to concentrate in your practice area.  Because tax whistleblower cases is all we do, you are assured that we are not interested in any other legal matter that might arise from your referral and will simply refer the other legal matter back to you.

As the referring attorney, you will be provided with regular updates and notified of developments at each stage with respect to a referred case as we proceed through the IRS Whistleblower Program process and, if necessary, the administrative and judicial appeal of the claim.  We are responsive to all inquiries made by our clients as well as the referring counsel.  We enjoy working with our colleagues whether it is simply a referral situation or co-counselling on the IRS tax whistleblower matter.

Attorneys are invited to contact us about referring IRS whistleblower cases by telephone, 855-211-7623, or by our Contact Form.

Thank you.

We Exclusively Represent Tax Whistleblowers