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Tax Attorney Experience

How  to Select an IRS Whistleblower Attorney

Here are questions to ask in person or in an email – Don’t risk your information to inexperienced attorneys.

1. How many IRS tax Whistleblower claims have you filed?  If less than 10, look elsewhere.

2. How many of the claims you filed have been paid by the IRS?  If less than 5, look elsewhere.

3. How many years have you practiced before the IRS?  If less than 5, look elsewhere, and don’t count the
    years of someone in the firm you are not working with.

4. How many cases have you had before the IRS?  If less than 50, look elsewhere.

5. How many cases have you taken to the U.S. Tax Court?  If less than 20, look elsewhere.

6. How much experience do you have in filing tax returns, tax planning, and tax dispute (controversy)

    If less than 10 years or a hundred cases, look elsewhere.

7. Do you now practice law other than IRS tax whistleblower cases?  If yes, question whether
   they are right for you.  Remember, any attorney can say he/she will represent you and then 
    simply learn the law on your matter.  Don’t risk your claim to an inexperienced lawyer.

8. Will you be representing me or will I be represented by someone else in the firm?
    Many firms are now claiming that they have former IRS revenue agents, former Department 
    of Justice attorneys, tax attorneys, etc. that work with them and can file your claim and 
    represent you in tax court.  That is good and it is important that someone understands the 
    substantive tax law for which the whistleblower issue is based.  But, as we know, tax law is 
    complicated and you want to make sure you are working directly with someone with heavy 
    tax experience as well as having a good working knowledge of the IRS and its procedures 
    including those of the IRS Whistleblower Office.

9. Is the Tax Whistleblower Attorney / Law Firm you are considering dedicated to only the IRS 
    Whistleblower Program?  

    We think this is an important question.  We have found that a law firm or attorneys being a 
    “jack of all trades” is good for the law firm, but not for the client.  Look at the firm’s website 
    that you are considering and look at their areas of practice.  Yes, bringing in fees on an 
    hourly basis for other tax work (estate planning, employment law matters, business 
    litigation, etc.) is good for the firm and its attorneys or the firm may engage in contingent 
    fee legal matters (qui tam matters (false claims act), discrimination, personal injury, etc.)  
    which keeps the law firm from putting all their eggs in one basket.  However that should be a 
    clear sign to you that the law firm and its attorneys are not confident in themselves or the IRS 
    Whistleblower Program.  

    You deserve the best.  Pursuing this tax whistleblower matter could be the most important 
    decision of your life.  Make sure the law firm or attorneys you are considering are not 
    focused on the pie in the sky from your award, but are focused on properly representing you 
    and have the experience and knowledge to do all that will be necessary to act on your behalf in 
    this matter.  You should not necessarily engage the attorney that has the best web page or enticing
    advertisement.  Remember, every attorney can claim they can help you in your tax whistleblower 
    matter.  Do your due diligence and find the law firm that has the experience in tax and 
    whistleblower cases and believes in their abilities.

    The Tax Whistleblower Law Firm (TWLF) (and all of its attorneys) only represent whistleblowers before the
    IRS whistleblower 
program.  We are likely the only firm that does so.  It is all we do because we believe in 
    ourselves, the IRS and the IRS whistleblower program.  We work on contingency basis 
    and patiently work our clients claim through the system over the years, because we believe 
    in our abilities to help you in your matter.

You do not want this important legal matter of yours to simply be the training ground of some inexperienced lawyer.


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